Tuesday, August 4, 2009

saturday sunday monday

I've been away from the blog for a while but I'm back!
Some things we've been up to this past weekend:

Aaron and I went on a bike ride on Saturday morning. It was a beautiful trail and we forgot to take the camera, so we just got some pics when we got home almost 2 hours later...
The rest of the day Saturday we ran some errands, tried a new place for dinner, and came home and watched a movie. We went to Mazza for dinner and I'll admit I was a little skeptical at first (Aaron will definitely confirm that). But I think I got the best thing on the menu--lamb kebab with the tomato spread. It was delicious and I've been craving to have it again ever since!

Had my 2 best friends Krystle and Ariel over for a delicious Sunday dinner! I haven't cooked a real meal in over a month now so needless to say I was WAY excited and had way too much fun cooking! We had sweet & sour meatballs (a Lewis family fave) and I made peach cobbler dump cake for dessert. SO FUN! I'm gonna miss these girls!...

On Monday Aaron and I did a little shopping at the Gateway, saw the movie UP, and basically lounged around the rest of the afternoon/evening! UP was pretty cute, although I wish we had gone soon enough to see it in 3-D.

That's all! Til next time...