Monday, August 24, 2009

friday night s'mores

Friday was the day we (mostly me) had all been waiting for........Aaron came home to Ohio for the weekend!!! His flight was 3 hours late, so some of our Friday night plans were canceled/rescheduled, but we decided s'mores were just too good to pass up.

Aaron worked all morning,
waited in the airport/flew all afternoon,
and still had energy to make us a beautiful fire!

My 16 year old brother Ethan (I still think of him as 5 years old, but apparently he's really grown up!) thinking he's too cool to take a picture:
The ultimate party and event planner for the 12 year old sister Natalie:
I love it out here in Ohio! My parents left on Thursday for Wales and Aaron left today, so it's just me, Ethan, and Natalie for a few more days until my sister Jenna comes out on Wednesday with her 2 little boys! Can't wait!