Thursday, September 17, 2009

apple factory

On Sunday we invited some people over for dinner. I love having people over because that means I can make a DESSERT! (If I make it for just me and Aaron, we seriously would eat the entire thing in one sitting...!) So I decided to make apple crisp....with fresh apples! There's an apple tree in the backyard that is producing apples like crazy, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity/excuse to use them.

So Sunday morning Aaron and I went outside to pick a few apples for the dessert. We ended up just picking all the ones that were ready to come off...which ended up being something like 26 apples! We felt like we had apples coming out of our ears, but we used some up when I made apple crisp, and Aaron even made homemade applesauce. We were like a little apple factory Sunday morning, but I was loving it and I just couldn't believe how beautiful these apples were...