Friday, September 4, 2009

This Week I...

  • Started a new [full-time] job
  • Got back from Ohio on Monday but didn't unpack until Wednesday...?
  • Ate the most delicious and juicy peach I've ever had in my entire life!
  • Went down to Provo twice with Krystle (we told ourselves it was to hang out with Staci and Adrienne, but secretly I just miss all the wonder of BYU the first week of Fall semester. I mean seriously, who doesn't?!)
  • Zipped around in my cute new little Civ
  • Went shopping for a purse 3 times, but as always, no luck...
  • Had cereal for dinner 3 nights in a row now
  • missed my husband like ca-RAZY!
Aaron comes home TONIGHT and no work tomorrow!
happy 3 day weekend!