Wednesday, September 23, 2009

announcement (no i'm not pregnant!)

Growing up there were several things that my dad instilled in us (secretly brainwashed) about our future. Three of those things that have always stuck out to me are --->
  1. Get married in the temple!
  2. Never marry someone majoring in History, Music, English, etc.
  3. Never live in California.....
Well, my Dad was proud of me when I accomplished the first one, and even prouder when my History-major-husband was offered a great job the day he graduated. And I wish I could say he was proudest when I told him we'd be moving to California at the end of October, but.........well........hopefully he'll be convinced California isn't so bad after he comes to visit a couple times. :)

So yeah, that's our announcement...we're moving to California! No more snow, lots of sunshine, and always less than an hour drive to the beach!