Monday, October 19, 2009

Confessions of a Football Lover's Wife

A couple weeks ago Aaron and I attended a little goodbye party for my friend Ariel (which I've already blogged about). It was at our friends' house and college football was on the entire time. Aaron was obviously really into it, and these pictures are just proof of what a good wife I am for sitting next to Aaron while he was glued to the TV watching whatever football game(s) were on>>>

Smiling for the camera while Aaron is trying to make sure he can still see the TV:Didn't know someone was taking a picture but Aaron's looking at me, so this was probably taken during a timeout:
I guess I finally realized that I might as well get comfortable...
(another [unflattering] candid shot)
I'm probably thinking, "I wonder if he knows I'm sitting right here...."
When Aaron reads this he'll probably think I'm trying to give him a hard time, but really I'm not......just showing my short attention span/borderline impatience when it comes to watching football. Am I the only girl that can't watch football for more than 20 minutes???

And if I can't sit through an entire football game, then there's definitely no hope for me when it comes to all these recent baseball games. But I still support Aaron--Go Angels!