Tuesday, November 3, 2009

California=no pumpkin pies?!

We arrived in sunny California on Saturday afternoon, welcomed by Dave and Sarah Anderson (nicest people ever) who helped us unload the truck and reminded us that Southern California really IS the best place to live. Our apartment is still in shambles (boxes everywhere) but I have big goals to unpack and organize everything by the end of the day, so we'll see.

Now sit back and relax and read this story cuz this involves all of you--->

Aaron and I discovered McDonalds pumpkin pies last winter, and have really come to love those little things. We had some in St. George on Friday night on our way down, but apparently that was going to be our last time because McDonalds in California don't even have them. (?????) Like this is seriously tragic. We went out last night to get some and the first McDonalds we went to said they didn't carry any pumpkin pies, but for some reason we thought it was just that one store. So we went through the drive-thru last night at another one and the girl over the speaker laughed at Aaron when he asked for 2 pumpkin pies and she said, "You must be looking for Jack In The Box." Secretly our response was, "Uhh, no way lady, we want pumpkin pies and we want them now!" We weren't about to go to another McDonalds just to be rejected again, so we concluded that McDonalds in California don't know what pumpkin pies are and drove home in shock.

So now I'm dying to know.....are pumpkin pies only in Utah or something??? Check your local McD's and leave me a comment! After I got home last night I couldn't help but do some Google research and apparently McDonalds has, or used to have, Banana Pies. Uhh, gross?? Anyways, the pumpkin pies are crazy good and deserve to be in every McDonalds...at least in the continental U.S.

Other than the fact that we won't be having pumpkin pies on a regular basis anymore, we're loving California so far and are taking advantage of this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful weather.


  1. And we are so happy you are here too! California really is the best... I think you will love it here. Let us know if you need any help unpacking!

    Much love,
    The Colliers

  2. I'm not much help since you already know Utah McDonalds have pumpkin pies. But I've never had those -- maybe I'll have to try them out!

    By the way, we're in November. Just thought I'd say :) :) :)

  3. i didn't want to tell you this girl but, that's why i left california. they are all health conscious there and well frankly, the mcdonalds' just aren't up to par.

    jk. but seriously about staci and krystle?! boringgg!

    and... me and s and k want to come road trip to you guys maybe before krystle moves home :)

  4. Hey Whitney! We totally could have helped you move in. Sorry! Where did you end up finding an apartment?

  5. So, I remember you mentioning these pumpkin pies in a prior post, and I admit, I thought you meant something else because I have never heard of pumpkin pies at McDonalds...and I've lived in Cali my whole life. But don't worry, California has lots of things Utah doesn't that you will love....like the beach for one thing and really good Mexican Food! :-) So, when are we getting together?

  6. I too, like the comment above me, was wondering what the heck you were talking about in your last post about these 'pumpkin pies'. Sad to say...i don't think they have them here. BUT california DOES have the Andersons...and we can make pumpkin cobbler or any other non-chocolate treat anytime!

  7. This is strange. I will ask my mom about this. She probably has already read this post though, lets be honest.

    And whats this about me being boring? The only reason I haven't blogged is because I'm trying to figure something out (getting my pictures the way I want...and publishing my blog through Word 2007) and haven't had the time to figure it out. My next post isn't that exciting anyway...just more pictures. My life just isn't exciting these days...

  8. sorry I've never heard of McDonalds Pumpkin Pies, and I've lived in California most of my life.

  9. ummm they have them in Richfield Whit, so I guess you're just gonna have to make a stop back in OH for one...hehehe

    though my favorite pies were always the custard ones there, but they took them away since they cost too much to produce or something. they even had sprinkles!

    and by the way New Hampshire mcdonalds even have pumpkin shakes!!!