Wednesday, November 4, 2009

last visit to Provo

Last Wednesday I made my final visit to Provo. I thought I was excited to move out of Utah until I left all my friends and favorite people on Wednesday night, not knowing when I'd see them next! ..............But then I got a good night's rest, remembered I was moving to California, and snapped out of it pretty quick.

Either way, it was a much-needed trip down to Provo and here is a list of all the things I did because I know everyone loves reading the play-by-play of any vaca/day trip/etc.:
  • Visited the BYU Museum of Art and got some last-minute advising from my old professor/program advisor Wulf Barsch von Benedikt (Aaron loves his full name)
  • Had lunch at Zupa's (love that place) with my good friend Merrick White
  • Went shopping and hung out most of the day with my beautiful sister STACI
  • Made a surprise visit to my adorable grandmother and said goodbye to my cousin Nikki
  • Had dinner at Staci's (cinnamon french toast!) with Staci and my best-friend-since-freshman-year Krystle Lowen
  • Treat at McDonalds with Staci and Krystle
  • And last but not least, said goodbye to the one-and-only Adrienne Barringer
Dropping Staci off at her soccer game
and saying our goodbyes one last final time (JUST MISS YA!):