Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Men are from MARS

Aaron and I bought a new TV for our apartment on Monday night. Tuesday morning we got our cable installed, and by Tuesday night we were already hooked to the tube. We made cookies and watched one of my favorite shows--So You Think You Can Dance. Earlier in the night Aaron said he felt like one of my girlfriends (making cookies and watching a dance show). But by the end of the night (near the end of the 2-hour episode), we had this brief conversation....

Whitney: Aaron!!!! What are we doing??? I feel like all we've done is watch TV tonight! We haven't bonded at all!!!!
Aaron: What are you talking about?? This IS bonding! ........You girls are crazy.

The "girls" he is referring to are those of us who don't think watching TV is considered bonding. You know....the girls who would rather sit and TALK. Or is that just me??? I admit I was being a little dramatic, since it was my idea in the first place to watch TV. :) Either way, we really enjoyed our time together watching our new TV (even though I'm not convinced yet that we were "bonding") and the whole ordeal confirmed to me once again......
boys and girls are so different.