Tuesday, November 10, 2009

remember how i graduated with an art degree?

This is a painting done by Clay Wagstaff:
I found out about him a couple weeks ago and love his work. I don't know if I'd do anything very much like it (mostly because I'm just not that good), but I love the color he uses in that painting and most of all his artist's statement.


  1. Hey, if you ever feel the need to do a painting for our home...I wouldn't stop you. :-) Hope we get to see you this Saturday!

  2. Oh... you're wrong. I think you are a wonderful artist! I would have bought something of yours if it wasn't for all those millionaires buying your stuff, that and I'm not that rich! :)

  3. This guy is awesome! I love his thought process on chaos vs. cosmos. Awesome -- thanks for sharing.