Monday, November 30, 2009

what we do for fun

One time someone asked Aaron and I what we did for fun. We looked at each other with blank stares and finally I said something about how we like to go out to eat. (lame!!!) I almost lied in that moment just to save face and sound know, say something like how we like to hike or travel or whatever. I didn't lie though, and actually I still support my initial answer--we really do love going out to eat. But ALSO, after our little excursion this past Saturday, I can safely and honestly say that Aaron and I really love going to museums and art galleries. Maybe that's still a lame answer, but at least it sounds like we're a little deeper/more mysterious than if we just say we like going out to eat......right???

We went to The Huntington Library (Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA) on Saturday and it was magical. We took way too many pictures and completely wore ourselves out with all the walking, but it was worth it and I couldn't believe I had never even heard of this place before.

We started at the Desert Gardens (this part was in a greenhouse):
And made our way to the Lily Ponds:
Through the Japanese and Chinese Gardens:
To the Children's Museum (Aaron's favorite):
And through the 4 art galleries! They even had a Diebenkorn painting! Definitely not my favorite painting, but for sure one of my favorite painters:
Saw lots of other cool stuff outside along the way:
And after going through all the gardens and museums, we were pretty beat. Proof:
But we made sure to get a couples pic to make our day complete. So here you go, just for good measure:
And that was our day. Probably more pictures than anyone ever cares to see, but it really was THAT fun. And remember to start thinking about what you and your husband/wife like to do for fun so you can be on your toes when someone asks you the big question.

P.S. Our Thanksgiving was fantastic. Christmas here we come!