Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the buckeye state

Right now I'm home in Ohio visiting the family. I'm 23 but apparently I'm still not ready to go a whole Christmas without seeing my parents, and I'm still convinced it's not Christmas without a little snow (which you can always count on Ohio to have). I fly back to California tomorrow night, just in time to wake up at 4 AM on Thursday (Christmas Eve) to drive to Arizona. Not looking forward to waking up so early, but definitely excited to finally see Aaron again and spend Christmas with the Johnson's. :)

In this post I've decided to pay tribute to some of the things that happen here at home that just never seem to get old. Every family is different and I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about....
  • The guinea pig squeaking like crazy every time he/she hears my dad's voice.
  • Running on the treadmill while watching my 12-year old sister Natalie play Wii Fit on the big screen (kept me thoroughly entertained for all 4 miles).
  • Watching all 13 episodes of Glee season 1 with Staci, Ethan and Natalie after mom and dad go to bed, and quoting Sue Sylvester all. day. long.
  • Mom's secret recipe waffles every morning.
  • Teasing Ethan (16 years old) about anything and everything that has to do with girls.
  • Playing Blokus with my Dad and reminding him that it's "just a game" every time he starts getting worked up.
  • Shopping with my mum!
  • Letting Staci give me "smokey eyes" for my first time (uhh....LOVED IT!)
  • Endless rounds of Speed (the card game) with Natalie.
  • etc. etc. etc.
Only 3 more days until Christmas!