Wednesday, December 2, 2009

keepin' it classy

1) too. much. pie.
I made 2 apple pies for Thanksgiving. We brought home the leftovers--half of one and 1/4 of another one.....and we polished them both off by Friday. Maybe you think that's abnormal or kind of disgusting, but trust me--there's a reason we don't keep desserts in the house, and this is why! Below is a picture of Aaron. He took one of me too, but Whitney + skin tight shirt + eating apple pie = NOT FLATTERING. But here's my cutesie:

2) sunday dinner
We don't have a dining room table yet. We've lived here a month now, but for some reason getting a table just hasn't been a priority. Sometimes we eat on the couch, but my favorite is eating on the floor. So that's how we spent our Sunday dinner together...eating fried chicken and cornbread on the floor. CLASSY! And don't mind the boxes and "art table" junk on the left. I mean, c'mon, we don't even have a table yet!...those boxes are the least of our worries. (And I promise they're the only boxes we have left in our apt.!)