Thursday, January 14, 2010

dresser, art supplies, and SUNBEAMS

1. Several weeks ago I somehow convinced Aaron to come thrift store shopping with me. We went to a Goodwill close by and were looking at the furniture there and Aaron found a yellow dresser. He came and told me to come look [he knows I love the color yellow] and he said it would be perfect for a little girl's room. I said, little girl's room???...what about our room?! He agreed, mostly because he knew how bad I wanted it, especially considering it was only 13 bucks (uhh...bargain!). The only problem was that it had these weird green ball-shaped knobs on the drawers. But I had a vision, and this past week my vision came dresser is complete with glass crystal knobs from Home Depot (not sure why I didn't check there before this past week....). Anyways, here's a really poor quality picture of my beautiful yellow little girls dresser:
2. The only thing that I enjoy as much as getting new clothes/makeup, is getting new art supplies. So you can imagine how excited I was on Wednesday when I found the most incredible art supply store ever! It was only 20 minutes away, it had everything I needed, and the workers there were SO HELPFUL. I couldn't believe how much I learned from them in the short time I was there. Just had to share the good news.
3. Lastly, Aaron and I are the new Sunbeam teachers! They're small, but their population and high levels of energy are very intimidating. I guess there's only 6, but even that was a lot to handle. After the first week I thought we were way in over our heads, but this past week was much better...the lesson was "Heavenly Father has a Body" and I made gingerbread men cookies for their little snack. First of all, the recipe was AMAZING (it didn't take me very long to polish off the little stash I kept for myself). And secondly, I was pleasantly surprised when the kids were understanding the connection between the lesson and how the gingerbread men were in the shape of a body too. And the best part was--they sat in their seats and ate them quietly for about 5 some kind of small miracle.