Thursday, January 14, 2010

dresser, art supplies, and SUNBEAMS

1. Several weeks ago I somehow convinced Aaron to come thrift store shopping with me. We went to a Goodwill close by and were looking at the furniture there and Aaron found a yellow dresser. He came and told me to come look [he knows I love the color yellow] and he said it would be perfect for a little girl's room. I said, little girl's room???...what about our room?! He agreed, mostly because he knew how bad I wanted it, especially considering it was only 13 bucks (uhh...bargain!). The only problem was that it had these weird green ball-shaped knobs on the drawers. But I had a vision, and this past week my vision came dresser is complete with glass crystal knobs from Home Depot (not sure why I didn't check there before this past week....). Anyways, here's a really poor quality picture of my beautiful yellow little girls dresser:
2. The only thing that I enjoy as much as getting new clothes/makeup, is getting new art supplies. So you can imagine how excited I was on Wednesday when I found the most incredible art supply store ever! It was only 20 minutes away, it had everything I needed, and the workers there were SO HELPFUL. I couldn't believe how much I learned from them in the short time I was there. Just had to share the good news.
3. Lastly, Aaron and I are the new Sunbeam teachers! They're small, but their population and high levels of energy are very intimidating. I guess there's only 6, but even that was a lot to handle. After the first week I thought we were way in over our heads, but this past week was much better...the lesson was "Heavenly Father has a Body" and I made gingerbread men cookies for their little snack. First of all, the recipe was AMAZING (it didn't take me very long to polish off the little stash I kept for myself). And secondly, I was pleasantly surprised when the kids were understanding the connection between the lesson and how the gingerbread men were in the shape of a body too. And the best part was--they sat in their seats and ate them quietly for about 5 some kind of small miracle.


  1. I teach the six-year-olds (unfortunately not with Matt, he's YM prez so he gets the teenagers) and had such a good experience last Sunday too! I've been teaching for about a year, and last year's class was awesome but a HUGE handful.

    Last Sunday was my first time teaching the new group for the year, and they were so calm and actually raised their hands to ask their many many cute questions. So I totally feel you when you say you were happy that they sat quietly for five min!

  2. I LOVE the yellow dresser! So cute! And thanks for the art store tip. I'll have to check it out!

  3. I love the yellow dresser, what a good find! I should check out the goodwill more often.

    It seems like all bishops like to put the new, young couples in sunbeams or nursery. It is fun to teach with your spouse though. I loved it when Quinn and I taught together.

  4. i totally need a dresser like that for our little girls room. adorable! and I love the knobs.. before i read which kind you got I had the same vision in my head. we must be sisters!

  5. CUTEST DRESSER EVER! maybe you should use it to bribe your sunbeams... jkjk :)

  6. That Yellow Dresser is incredible! Your Goodwill is amazing! Plus, I am jealous of how you live so close to the Art Supply Warehouse. I've always read their adds in art magazines and its nice to hear they live up to the hype