Saturday, January 30, 2010

my little book/houndstooth

I took a bookbinding class at BYU and haven't made a book since I graduated in April 2009. I'm not sure why, other than I just had no reason to make one. UNTIL NOW! I made the cutest little book ever and I love it so much. It's 4x4 inches and I just think it's kind of really adorable. Mostly because I chose a paper with a houndstooth pattern. By the way, houndstooth---where have you been all my life?! I love it so much I was actually trying to "figure it out" in my sketchbook yesterday. Houndstooth is all based off the good old-fashioned square. Love it. Anyways, have I said LOVE enough yet in this post?? Here's my book (which I looooove and will be used for New Years resolutions, goals, 10-year plans, etc.):
The other side of the houndstooth paper had another more decorative pattern. Maybe it looks like it doesn't match/coordinate, but really that's why it DOES match/coordinate. Think about it....
And if you're wondering why some of the paper has square holes--it's because I took my text block (the inside paper) paper from an old sketchbook. Just me being cheap.

Now I'm looking for black and white houndstooth patterned pillows for our living room couches. I found some on etsy but was hoping I wouldn't have to spend $25 on each one.... Really I just need to learn how to sew and all my problems would be solved!


  1. Cute book! I want to learn how to make one.

    I am not a seamstress AT ALL but I made Christmas stockings for Matt and me last year. I bet pillow covers would be just as easy, which means you could totally do them. I bet you can find some cheap houndstooth fabric somewhere--or check goodwill for a skirt and convert it to pillow covers or something haha:)

  2. i love houndstooth too! i really wish i had taken a bookbinding class while i was still in school. how about you teach me!

  3. You should sell these on etsy. I would so buy one!!!