Monday, February 15, 2010

do you ever

Do you ever see something and it totally just makes you stop and stare? It happens to me kind of often and usually it's because something simple catches my eye [like a color, a shape, or a pattern], and then I sit and stare at every little detail. Today I was perusing and sat and stared at this picture for at least 3.5 minutes....
Now heading off to Palm Springs with Aaron--ciao!


  1. oo--I like that picture. Anyway, sorry I never check my blog--I need it to email me when someone comments on me--but ya, I made my website myself and I can help you out. Just give me a call if you want one!

  2. That picture reminds me of your art. Love it.

  3. Hi Whitney,
    We really need to get together and do some baking. Your cookies were lovely! You are so talented. Anyway, I look forward to seeing the both of you next Saturday for Hailey's first birthday! I'm reading "My Life in France, Julia Child." I think you would love it. You should read it too and join me for book club in March!
    Love you guys!