Monday, February 8, 2010

do[ugh]nuts vs. cookies

Aaron and I went on three donut runs this past week. Sick! I have had MAYBE three donuts in the past five years of my life, so this week was 300% overload and I'm already sick of them again. [Donut shops are everywhere down here, so please don't judge!]

And after all the good memories Aaron and I made with our donut runs, in the end I've basically just eaten 1000+ calories too much and still wishing I had some soft, chewy COOKIES!



  1. oh cool, I guess I just didn't see that one. Anyway congratulations again.

  2. Now I REALLY like your painting - what an amazing art piece. I like the visual affect, and with such powerful words - you truly are very, very, very talented Whitney!

  3. next time, have Aaron call Dave. He'll go. No doubt!