Tuesday, February 2, 2010

playing favorites

A couple months ago my friend Whitney [Webb] Morris did a "Favorite Things" post and I told her I was going to copy her and she said okay. Thanks Whit! :) Here it is--->

My Favorite Things:
1. Mascara! If I was stranded on an island and had to choose one beauty product to take with me--this would be it, hands down.
2. Journals and basically any kind of record-keeping (i.e. blogging!).
3. APPLES--I've eaten [at least] one apple every day ever since I can remember. The first bite seriously relieves my stress.....sounds weird but it's true, I just love them.
4. When oil paint glitters in the right lighting. Magical.
5. Songs on my iPod that make me run longer and faster/keep me borderline sprinting for 3+ minutes (DEFYING GRAVITY from Wicked soundtrack--works every time).
6. Uhhhhhh, MY HUSBAND! His beautiful blue eyes, perfect smile, and ruggedly handsome self--just love him!
7. Thrift stores. I love looking through basically junk and somehow finding a treasure. I know people think it's gross to wear other people's clothes, but I figure I've worn my share of thrifted clothing and I haven't died yet, so..............
8. Waking up early (before Aaron) and doing random stuff and then coming back into bed 20 minutes later to snuggle up.
9. Church at 9:00 AM--I'm convinced this is the best time to have church. You're done by noon, have a little lunch, and still have the rest of the day.
10. THE COLOR YELLOW. Anything and everything yellow is just plain beautiful. And I'll just include SUNSHINE here too because it kind of goes with the color yellow and, well, I don't want a #11 on this list. :)