Saturday, February 13, 2010

sugar cooks

vday cookies
Aaron was a victim of the snowstorms in North Carolina/Georgia yesterday, and was unable to fly home as scheduled last night. So all day I've been counting down the hours until his plane gets in tonight, and to keep myself busy [and because I needed to do this anyway] I made sugar cookies for our Primary lesson tomorrow. Aaron and I don't have kids yet, so I like spoiling our little Sunbeams--plus they love treat time, so I like to soak it for all it's worth. And I have to admit, I felt very festive with my Alexander Calder-esque heart mobile hanging in the dining room, love songs playing, and heart-shaped sugar cookies in the oven. [This is the best New Years Resolution ever!--see previous post] Now all I need is for my valentine [Aaron] to get home safe and sound......
and of course, one last time-->
happy valentine's day!