Monday, February 22, 2010

What I Love About.....

  • Waking up early and getting all dolled up for church.
  • Coming home after church and spending the rest of the day in sweats.
  • When the little Sunbeams are excited to see me and Aaron, and especially when they call me Sister Johnson. It's the cutest thing, I almost die every time.
  • Talking on the phone to family and friends
  • The only day of the week I never have to feel bad about not exercising.
  • Taking a long nap with my husband!
  • Cooking gourmet dinners together with Aaron and eating on the floor [still no table....] see picture below!
  • Watching a Planet Earth episode every Sunday night.
  • Having extra time to do things like......paint my nails!
  • Having our weekly Couple's Council to plan ahead for the week [basically just my excuse to spend even more time with Aaron!]
Yesterday was an especially good Sunday--for no specific reason other than Aaron and I just hung out all day. We made Barefoot Contessa's Niman Ranch Burgers [using buffalo meat instead--best red meat EVER!] and sweet potato fries for dinner and it was yummmmmmm!

Whitney holding her delicious burger and fries....with a side of bbq sauce of course :)
[and yes, she IS wearing velour!]

Last night we watched the "Into the Wilderness" episode of Planet Earth and I'm pretty sure Aaron and I are both environmentalists now--don't drill in ANWR!!! :)
Anyways, hope your Sunday was as wonderful as ours!


  1. um. yum. teach me how to make sweet potato fries, they are my most favorite thing ever.

  2. finally got you to see Planet Earth? how in love with it are you?!?!

  3. ok you know that picture you posted that you said you looked at for a long time from i LOVE the scalloped design on the top with the yellow door... i'm thinking that might have to go into my cake inspirations book :)

  4. I love that your still eating on the floor. Hey, we are planning on coming out when your parents are -easter/conference weekend right? Hope you want to see us - because we are so excited to see you. We can stay at my sister's in South Pasadena.

  5. Oooh, I just mentioned buffalo meat to Dave, and he gave me the "hmmm, i'll try that" look. Where'd you get it?

    P.S. I love the velour :)