Monday, February 22, 2010

What I Love About.....

  • Waking up early and getting all dolled up for church.
  • Coming home after church and spending the rest of the day in sweats.
  • When the little Sunbeams are excited to see me and Aaron, and especially when they call me Sister Johnson. It's the cutest thing, I almost die every time.
  • Talking on the phone to family and friends
  • The only day of the week I never have to feel bad about not exercising.
  • Taking a long nap with my husband!
  • Cooking gourmet dinners together with Aaron and eating on the floor [still no table....] see picture below!
  • Watching a Planet Earth episode every Sunday night.
  • Having extra time to do things like......paint my nails!
  • Having our weekly Couple's Council to plan ahead for the week [basically just my excuse to spend even more time with Aaron!]
Yesterday was an especially good Sunday--for no specific reason other than Aaron and I just hung out all day. We made Barefoot Contessa's Niman Ranch Burgers [using buffalo meat instead--best red meat EVER!] and sweet potato fries for dinner and it was yummmmmmm!

Whitney holding her delicious burger and fries....with a side of bbq sauce of course :)
[and yes, she IS wearing velour!]

Last night we watched the "Into the Wilderness" episode of Planet Earth and I'm pretty sure Aaron and I are both environmentalists now--don't drill in ANWR!!! :)
Anyways, hope your Sunday was as wonderful as ours!