Thursday, March 11, 2010

alex lambert WHAT?!

I don't like to do the angst-type posts, but I just can't help myself with this one so bear with me....

Are you serious?????? Did Alex Lambert seriously just got kicked off?! I am CRUSHED! So so so so so so SO disappointed that America chose someone like Aaron Kelly over Alex Lambert. What. the. HECK! I'm convinced American Idol is just punishing me for not voting yet this season.... totally not fair.

And then just when I thought the episode couldn't get any worse.... LILLY SCOTT?! Yes her hair is about to fall apart and yes she makes funny faces when she sings, but I still really loved her.

Now if Crystal Bowersox gets kicked off then I'll really know it's the end of the world and I might have to boycott the show altogether. I really hope that doesn't happen though because my weeks would be nothing without American Idol!!! You think I'm joking but I'm totally not. Yikes.

Anyways, I'm really heated up right now so sorry for the negative tone in this post. And I'll probably feel silly tomorrow morning and delete this whole post anyways. So until then--Alex and Lilly, I'll miss you.


  1. I'm right there with ya. Not as excited for next weeks show now.

  2. Seriously! Philip was CRUSHED when Alex got voted off. He was his favorite. I've had class at nights so I haven't watched every show, so I didn't know him as well. But I thought he deserved to stay. We should boycott! Haha

  3. i TOOOOOOOOOTALLY agree. I was basically in tears when he got kicked off. His voice was actually my favorite of all the guys. I was enraged.

  4. Totally with ya. I was in shock! And J and I are not big fans of the youngins aka high school kids this year. America got it wrong!!! Ha ha.