Friday, March 26, 2010

weed forest

A couple weeks ago I looked out our bedroom window and saw a FOREST of weeds in our "backyard." Like seriously it grew overnight. I was shocked and since then it's just gotten bigger and bigger and bigger. One of the things my family did together often when I was growing up was yard work/gardening. And today I finally decided to put all those years experience to good use and got to work on our weed forest. It took me 4 hours to clear it all out and my back is kind of killing me now (totally worth it though).
before vs. after
P.S. I saw the biggest weed I've ever seen in my entire life. It was seriously the size of my WRIST coming out of the a small tree. So creepy.


  1. #1 Why are your weeds prettier than ours?

    #2 Please come over and handle mine!

    Ha ha. I can't wait until the end of tax season and you didn't tell me you were so handy with gardening (: You're holding out on me Whit.

    I'll bake something for you in my new oven. Pretty please?!

  2. Way to go Whit! That looks like a lot of weeds you pulled.

  3. Way to go! Nothing like "fun in the sun" as we call it in my family!

  4. Good job! That's exactly how our yard looked when we moved into our place. Matt was the one that tackled it last year though. I'll have to help him this year--it still needs some work!

  5. I had a cinnamon roll at IKEA last night and totally thought of you :) Love them!