Sunday, March 21, 2010

green pancakes and IKEA

Remember my New Year's Resolution? Welp, it's almost the end of March and I'm still going strong! I've been planning on making green pancakes for a St. Patrick's Day breakfast for about two months now and it finally happened this past Wednesday! But come to find out--Aaron doesn't like his pancakes green.... Uh, hello Aaron??? Where is your holiday spirit?! We all have to choose our battles though, so I went easy on the guy...especially since he's been recovering from surgery and also because I didn't really blame him. :) The 3 drops of food coloring I used may have been a little much but the pancakes were delicious as always. To be honest though, I tried to not actually look at the pancakes as I was eating them for fear of feeling kinda sick from eating something green that's not supposed to be green.... kind of silly, especially since this is a tradition I'm definitely going to keep. And hopefully Aaron comes around eventually on the green pancakes too....
st. patty pancakes

Also this past week Aaron and I enjoyed one of the many luxuries of Aaron working from home. After running a few quick errands we decided to hop on over to IKEA for some lunch. I always get a cinnamon roll and Aaron gets the hot dogs. Sometimes we're so healthy I can hardly believe it.
cinnroll at ikea
[Picture in front of the cool IKEA wall and apparently missing my left arm...? If you haven't tried an IKEA cinnamon roll--try one! Besides sometimes not having enough frosting, they never disappoint :)]