Monday, March 8, 2010


A few posts ago I blogged about Sundays. I still love Sundays, but I'm kind of leaning a little more towards Saturdays now. And here's why-->
  • For some reason we committed to do a session at the Newport Beach Temple at 7:00AM. The night before it seemed like a good idea because then we'd still have the rest of the day to run our other errands....but it def backfired after we spent time taking a little afternoon nap--which could've been avoided if we had just slept in a little more and went to a later sesh! Either way, I kind of get a rush from getting up early to be somewhere on time so I was secretly kind of loving it. I don't know about Aaron...
  • Went to other random places like World Market, Walmart, Goodwill, etc...
  • Went to IKEA!!! We had their cinnamon rolls for lunch and walked around the showroom looking at desks and dining tables. We've done this 3 weeks in a row now and still haven't bought anything. We're cheap AND indecisive--bad combo.
  • Found the dining table we want at a place that will deliver and set up for only an extra $25! But still haven't given up the money yet..... what is wrong with us?!
  • Went to the Apple store at Costa Mesa Mall and dreamed of what life would be like if we could afford all the cool stuff they have there. I'm trying to figure out how I can get the iMac 27" desktop ASAP. It's a long shot but I'll just keep dreaming....
  • Took a nap together on the couch with some Coldplay going in the background [our new favorite thing to do].
  • Went to dinner at a place called Fatburger. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! We paid $10 for two poor quality burgers, and my burger was seriously the size of a small apple. It was tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny, and didn't even taste like anything special. Their only saving grace was the bowl of mints at the front. I love when restaurants do that because getting a little piece of candy after a meal to hold you over until dessert is just genius. But we left the restaurant and I totally forgot to grab my mint! So Aaron got me in the car and ran back in [in the rain!!!] to get me a mint. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but it's times like those that I just loooooooooooove my husband and am so grateful for the little things he does for me. And he was hating this, but I made him smile for some pics on his way back to the car:
And finally realized I needed the flash on.... :)
We finished our night with a movie and then watched Oprah Winfrey's Oscar Special. Sounds boring, but these are the days/nights with Aaron that I love the most.