Tuesday, April 20, 2010

birthday cake

Sunday was my sister-in-law Suzanne's birthday! She had a little family party--complete with the most delicious beef shish kebabs I have ever tasted and an amaaaaaazing caesar salad [props to Amy! :)]. I brought the birthday cake and maybe it's just because I grew up with these, but there's just nothing like a white cake with white frosting on your birthday! Sorry to the Johnson's if I'm trying to force all my family's traditions on you, but I just couldn't help it! Here's a picture of the cake I made....
I should've taken some pictures of the cake BEFORE the frosting because underneath all that sugary goodness is a really really sad looking cake. It's a long story but basically I got impatient and tried taking the cake out of the pan before it completely cooled, and then forgot to spray the pan again for the 2nd layer. DISASTER! I seriously thought all was lost and almost completely gave up, but Aaron came to my rescue and somehow we managed to piece it back together. Anyways, it sure tasted good and I think writing with frosting might be one of my favorite things to do. Thanks Suzanne for letting me bring the cake! :)