Wednesday, April 7, 2010

disneyland 2010

On Friday my family went to DISNEYLAND! My parents took us little kids to Disney World a long long time ago, but Disneyland was a first for some of us and it did not disappoint! The weather was a little chilled, but pretty perfect for a long day at an amusement park. We rode a bunch of rides, saw a bunch of stuff, but our favorite part of the day was the family bonding time we had while waiting in line for Space Mountain.........

It was nearing the end of the day and it was pretty obvious people were getting tired and hungry and ready to go home. But we knew we had to ride the famous Space Mountain because let's be honest... a trip to Disneyland without a ride on Space Mountain would be no trip at all....right? Right! So we get in the 75-minute-wait line, and I'm pretty sure we debated the entire 75+ minutes if we should stay in line, or just get out of the line and go home. It was kind of hilarious but of course we ended up staying in line (thank goodness!) and had the best 2 minutes of our LIFE! Just kidding, but it was fun and we all felt a little closer after our long wait in line.

After Space Mountain we were all riled up again and even had the patience to get some pics before leaving the park...
Aaron & Whitney
Picture of [most of] the Lewis kids--Ethan, Jenna, Whitney, Staci, Natalie, Patrick, and adorable nephew Payson!
Oh yeah, and here's Aaron and myself on the jungle ride. :)