Monday, April 12, 2010

last day in socal

Dad had to go to Chile, Patrick had to go back to work, Staci had to get back to school, and Jenna had to get back to her husband and children.... but Mom, Ethan, and Natalie still had a couple extra days here in California to enjoy their spring break! And luckily we finally had some beach-worthy weather so we took them to Corona del Mar for their last day here. It was totally awesome and we got lots of pics. :)

Group shot at/around Inspiration Point
Aaron, Mom, and Ethan exploring the tide pools:
My cute little mum!
Ethan [he didn't know I was taking this one...]
Ethan climbing on things again...
And Aaron [my personal favorite]
After a couple hours there I remembered how much I love this beach [definitely my favorite down here]. We even left with nice little sunburns and it was the perfect day to end their trip to California.

The next day [Wednesday] was a sad day--the day Mom, Ethan, and Natalie left. The apartment is pretty lonely these days without everyone around. Here are our goodbye pictures:
Welp, that's the whole trip. I guess now I can blog about normal boring stuff again. Thanks to all the fam who came out to visit! Come again!!!!

P.S. Four years ago from today I stopped eating chocolate. FOUR YEARS! I used to not even be able to imagine myself going ONE DAY without chocolate and here I am on my fifth year and still going strong. So bizarre. And just to clarify--I don't do it for health reasons because I think I'm eating more desserts/sugar more now than I ever have before, but it's just a fun little fact about me so there you go. :)