Thursday, April 8, 2010

Natalie turns 13!

Saturday was my sister Natalie's 13th birthday......kind of a big deal! I still remember when she was just a tiny baby and I can't believe she's already a TEENAGER! So crazy. We spent the day celebrating her birthday and watching General Conference. And while all the boys were at Priesthood session of General Conference, the girls went and saw "The Last Song"--that movie with Miley Cyrus. I still can't really take her seriously as an actress, but it was entertaining nonetheless and heck, I'd even see it again!

After the movie we met up with the boys at Macaroni Grill for Natalie's birthday dinner. The food was delish and someone even sang for Natalie and brought her a humongous piece of chocolate cake. Here's some pics.....

Mom, Whitney, and the birthday girl (Natalie)
A really flattering picture of Staci!
[Staci and Dad enjoying some of the chocolate cake]
Ethan, Dad, Jenna, Staci
Aaron and Whitney
After dinner we headed back home to open presents and eat some delicious white [2-layer] cake.....baked and decorated by yours truly :)

Happy 13th Birthday Nat!