Friday, April 9, 2010

Ruby's on the pier

On Monday we said goodbye to our dad (left to do some business in Chile) and went to Balboa to get some breakfast at Ruby's on the pier. I've been raving about the incredible cinnamon roll french toast they have at Ruby's to my family for at least a month now and I was actually starting to get a little nervous that maybe I was talking it up too much....[I've been known to obsess over some foods when other people think they're no big deal. So strange!] Anyways, we went and everyone got to try the best french toast they've ever had in their LIFE. And after everyone had their fill, I definitely wasn't the only one raving about them anymore! They really are THAT good.
Natalie, Staci, and Erica
My brother Patrick and his son Payson [seriously have you seen a cuter kid???]
Staci and Ethan
Sisters picture [sick of these yet??]
It was a windy/kind of miserable day....
So my brother Ethan out of nowhere surprised everyone when he stood on one of these bike things (see picture below). Then my brother Patrick tries to one-up Ethan and actually walked across 5 or 6 of them. THEN...Aaron blew everyone out of the water when he got up and actually made it across all 20-something of them! He was totally showing off and I was loving it. What a stud.

Ruby's was way fun and VERY delicious! If you live in California and haven't had their cinnamon roll french toast--GO! If you like breakfast and if you like sweet things [like myself] you will love it, I promise.