Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Yesterday I turned 24 years old! Aaron was out of town so I spent my birthday with the second best person--MY DAD!...who lives in OHIO! He was out here for business and it couldn't have been better timing. We did the usual--Cafe Rio pork burrito for dinner and of course, in true Lewis fashion--dessert after. Dad made a milkshake and I had a piece of the pumpkin cake that Aaron and I made together on Sunday. My sisters will be the first to tell you that sometimes I eat weird things...does pumpkin cake in June count??? Who cares...I've never eaten something so gooey and sugary and delicious (see picture below).
Also, I chopped off a few inches of my hair on Saturday. I thought I'd come back with a chin-length bob but somehow that didn't happen. Baby steps....