Monday, June 21, 2010

houndstooth skirt

I can see this blog quickly turning into a blog about the cool things I find at thrift stores and about the yummy/unhealthy things I eat..... So instead of trying to fight it, I'll just go with it and show you the CUTE SKIRT I found at Goodwill last week. Been looking for one of these for 5 months and we finally found each other. Awesooooome!


  1. You found the skirt you'd been looking for AND it fit? Lucky! And very cute.

    It was so fun to see you guys a couple of weeks ago. You should definitely take a trip to D.C. and see us next:)

  2. Whitney!! I love your header!!!!!!!!!! So cute!!!

  3. super cute! i need to learn your shopping secrets! You always find the best things!