Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So, first things first.... Jane Eyre was awesome! I finished it on Sunday and even though some parts really caused me some serious angst, I loved it and would definitely recommend it.

Secondly, I made my Blueberry Buckle and it was seriously incredible. I love anything that involves streusel topping and each day I swear it just got better and better. The day after we finished the blueberry buckle, we made blueberry scones (thanks to the recipe from my sister-in-law Jessica!). Aaron loved them so much that he made them AGAIN the next night--but this time all on his own....very impressive. So anyways, basically we just love blueberries around here but I think we're due for a little break from the sweet treats. :)

Last but not least---THE BACHELORETTE!!!!! Like seriously, where did this show come from!? This is my first bachelor/bachelorette season I've been following and I just love love LOVE it. Maybe I'm sounding kind of obsessive, but unfortunately everything I'm saying is true and come on, I know you are too! I'm hooked and I guess I'm not that embarrassed about it either...? Last night was kind of a bust tho. Craig R talked way too much and why was everyone still picking on the weatherman??? Anyways, needless to say I would've rather watched me some Chris and Roberto but I'll just have to wait another week. And oh yeah, just want to say one last thing........
team CHRIS!


  1. what did you put in the buckle?

  2. I haven't read Jane Eyre since high school--maybe i should reread it!

    Also, I am embarrassed to say I've been hooked on the bachelor/ette since age 16 (although I haven't watched every season). :) This season isn't my favorite, but I get sucked in every time. I can't decide who she should pick--it would be heartbreaking to see Chris get hurt but I kind of think he deserves a real relationship...not one built on tv.

    And last, post recipes!

  3. I somehow got pulled into last season and then, by default, this season. I think she should choose Chris because I just can't see Roberto and her together anywhere outside of television. But I've decided that she was going to choose Frank anyway so the season might just kind of be a bust. We will have to see...

  4. I'm on team Chris, but with a little of the same feeling as Abby. He is just such a genuine guy! I have some blueberries in my fridge, and suddenly scones sound amazing! And...blueberries were 50cents at Smart and Final the other day! I know...amazing!