Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So, first things first.... Jane Eyre was awesome! I finished it on Sunday and even though some parts really caused me some serious angst, I loved it and would definitely recommend it.

Secondly, I made my Blueberry Buckle and it was seriously incredible. I love anything that involves streusel topping and each day I swear it just got better and better. The day after we finished the blueberry buckle, we made blueberry scones (thanks to the recipe from my sister-in-law Jessica!). Aaron loved them so much that he made them AGAIN the next night--but this time all on his own....very impressive. So anyways, basically we just love blueberries around here but I think we're due for a little break from the sweet treats. :)

Last but not least---THE BACHELORETTE!!!!! Like seriously, where did this show come from!? This is my first bachelor/bachelorette season I've been following and I just love love LOVE it. Maybe I'm sounding kind of obsessive, but unfortunately everything I'm saying is true and come on, I know you are too! I'm hooked and I guess I'm not that embarrassed about it either...? Last night was kind of a bust tho. Craig R talked way too much and why was everyone still picking on the weatherman??? Anyways, needless to say I would've rather watched me some Chris and Roberto but I'll just have to wait another week. And oh yeah, just want to say one last thing........
team CHRIS!