Wednesday, July 7, 2010

independence day 2010

Two years ago from Sunday was the day I made my first apple pie. (Read all about it HERE.) Since then I feel like I've become quite the little "Apple Pie Expert" and I finally have proof.... I peel my apples by hand and on Sunday I did something kind of ridiculous but also pretty cool. I peeled an entire apple peel in one piece! Not impressed? I don't think Aaron really was either, but at least he humored me and took a pic.....
Our July 4th was totally awesome thanks to good friends and some crazy good food! We barbecued with our friends Jeff & Ashley Perez and the best part about our little bbq was that the boys basically did all the cooking and all the cleaning! Not sure how Ashley and I pulled that one off, but we definitely weren't complaining!

We [and by "we" I mean the boys] barbecued vegetables, pineapple, chicken and steak. Everything tasted even better than it sounds and of course, we ended our feast with the aforementioned apple pie! I took pictures, but instead of embarrassing myself I will direct you to my friend Ashley's blog who is obviously a much better photographer than me! Might be because she's kind of a PROFESSIONAL and has a few weddings under her belt. :) Check it out HERE. Don't those vegetables look stinking good?!

After our wonderful afternoon at the Perez's we headed down to San Clemente to spend some time with Dave & Sarah and the Anderson family! Dave's family has an incredible beach house right by the pier where the fireworks go off every July 4th. Uhh...perfect! We were a little wary of the crowds and/or traffic, but decided to just buck up and bear it and thank goodness we did because the fireworks were beautiful!

Our walk down to the beach house-->
The awesome fireworks from the balcony!!!!-->
Good food and good company make any holiday a great one and I think this July 4th was one of my faves. happy independence day!