Wednesday, July 14, 2010

jane eyre

I started Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte yesterday and am completely and 100% hooked. I've been totally impressed with the beautiful writing, the characters, and the story itself. I especially loved this part when Helen tells Jane, "I believe; I have faith; I am going to God." To which Jane asks: "Where is God? What is God?" And Helen replies to her: "My Maker and yours; who will never destroy what he created. I rely implicitly on his power, and confide wholly in his goodness... I am sure there is a future state; I believe God is good; I can resign my immortal part to him without any misgiving. God is my father; God is my friend; I love him; I believe he loves me... You will come to the same region of happiness; be received by the same mighty, universal Parent, no doubt, dear Jane." (p. 97)

Also, a few chapters later, Jane describes this experience which I thought was just as beautiful and sincere--"The impulse of gratitude swelled my heart, and I knelt down at the bedside and offered up thanks where thanks were due; not forgetting, ere I rose, to implore aid on my further path, and the power of meriting the kindness which seemed so frankly offered me before it was earned." (p. 116)

Never been a big novel reader, but if every novel is as good as this one...let me know which ones!!!