Monday, July 19, 2010

madame blueberry

It has finally cooled off here in California! Last week was hot as heck and I thought I was finally experiencing my first real season change--something different from the perpetual Springtime weather we feel here in semi-coastal southern California. But we're back to the beautiful, breezy 70-degree weather and I just have no reason to complain! We went the whole winter without turning out heat on, and I'm determined to go all summer without having to turn on the air conditioning so we'll see how that goes....

This past weekend I went grocery shopping at Sprouts and got 18oz of blueberries for only $1.69!!!! And not only were they cheap, but they are the biggest, juiciest, sweetest blueberries I've ever had! Like I seriously think we got the perfect little container of blueberries....good thing too since Aaron and I probably spent 15 minutes inspecting each little container trying to get the "best" batch. So our hard work paid off and now I'm just dying to make something delicious with all these yummy berries. Any suggestions??? I've been wanting to make a Blueberry Buckle (type of coffee cake) for over a year now so I'm thinking this might be my chance. Anyways, I just love summertime and I love blueberries and I love good deals!