Tuesday, August 10, 2010

on anniversaries.

August 3, 2010
Before I get into the thick of the family reunion posts, I thought I'd do a preliminary post about the anniversary Aaron and I had while we were in Maryland. Plus I just have way too many pictures to sort through right now, so this is me trying to avoid feeling overwhelmed with all the posts this family reunion deserves!

On August 3rd, 2007 Aaron and I had our first kiss and it was the day we officially started dating. Super cute, right? Right. So this year our "first kiss/day-we-became-official" anniversary was while we were at the family reunion in Deep Creek! To be honest, I actually didn't remember it was our anniversary until the morning of, but either way, it was a reason to celebrate and do something fun! So we took a scenic chairlift ride up a mountain at the Wisp Ski Resort nearby and walked around and saw some cool stuff on the top of the mountain, not to mention this gorgeous view!:
I love my wonderful husband so much and each kiss just gets better and better! :) Lots more fam reunion pics/posts coming soon.