Friday, August 6, 2010

on families.

seriously how cute/funny is this....
The Lewis family outside their house at Deep Creek Lake
complete with matching shirts.

Yeah...we're one of those families and I looooove it.
total count: 26.5 (see Erica with baby bump on the left)


  1. oh that's so hilarious and cute at the same time! What a fun family you've got!

  2. Ummm are you home yet? You've been gone wayyyy too long! We miss you! Oh and I love how Aaron has his hands on your shoulders. You guys are so old skool (:

  3. love seeing your family as they are my family too. Love you all!

  4. We are one of these families too.

    I have at a dozen of these :)

  5. Cauuute! And that cabin in the background looks like it's fantastic! Makes me wanna get away to a woodsy area...

    So are you guys back yet?!