Thursday, August 12, 2010

arrowhead photo shoot

We didn't take very many pictures the first part of the week, but the amount we took on Thursday alone definitely made up for all the previous non-picture days.

And it all started with our little outing to Arrowhead for some breakfast sandwiches. We were meeting the rest of the fam there (who had gone on an early morning ski run), but we ended up having to wait for a solid 30+ minutes before they got there. At first we were bored out of our minds, until we realized we had a CAMERA, and our boredom quickly turned into the best. photo shoot. ever.

Whitney and StaciEventually we realized our 17-year old brother was either in a really good mood or just knew he wasn't going to get out of this photo being the wonderful big sisters that we are--totally took advantage!
Staci having the time of her life (pics with Ethan=always a special treat):
Aaron and WhitneyAaron was seriously sooooo hungry.....
and you're probably just as confused about that bear as we were:
Like I honestly think he thought we were torturing him.
But you'd never tell from this beautiful smile:
Then the family came and we finally got some breakfast sandwiches!
Thatcher smiling for the camera (ha!):
Staci holding baby Owen: