Thursday, August 19, 2010

on where we stayed:

This is the last Deep Creek/Fam Reunion post. Maybe I should have started with this one, you know like an introduction. That would've made more sense, but oh well! Where we stayed was really beautiful, and I just had to show these pics that Aaron took. Our house was the middle/left one:
Just taking a walk down the street....
Looking to your right...
Close up on your right...
And of course we saw some deer, it was classic....
Welp, that's all! Been back in real life now for 9 days and it's been pretty good. Just glad to be back with all my STUFF....and beautiful California weather! Except it's been a little too hot these days, and we finally cracked yesterday--Aaron turned on the air conditioning! (Keep in mind we went all winter without turning the heat on, and we thought we'd make it through all summer without the AC....but to no avail.) We were talking about how stinking hot it was in our apartment and how we'll go all summer without turning on the AC, and then out of nowhere Aaron reaches over and turns the knob on the AC unit. Huh??? It was kind of hilarious and I was only a tiny bit angry with his moment of weakness.....until I felt the cold air and wondered why we hadn't turned it on WAY SOONER!

We only had it on yesterday for a total of probably 90 minutes, but it was heavenly and I think we're users now. I haven't turned it on yet this morning but today is supposed to be a scorcher, so we'll seeeeee.... can't wait for the weekend! :)


  1. i remember us trying to be strong in our old apartment. now our home stays at a crisp 69 degrees most days.
    p.s. Aaron is downstairs with the boys and i can hear the surround sound shake the walls. haha. gotta love guys night!
    taco adobe tomorrow?!

  2. I'm soooo glad he cracked! Trust me, when it's hot, just turn it on. Don't suffer. I promise your electric bill won't be too high. I've already tested that out (:

  3. Deep Creek is so pretty! It's a popular spot for DC-ers to visit in the summers, but I've never been. It's on the list:)

  4. Oh my goodness...I must see Deep Creek sometime. I think I have a crush.:)
    We need to get together soon!

  5. james and i were just in utah for a few days and we definitely said we wouldn't turn on the ac on that little trip, but... apparently we have no self control either!! i guess moving boxes and furniture really makes you work up a sweat :)