Monday, August 30, 2010

z'tejas and pretty lights

Saturday night we were planning to go out to dinner and then go see the movie Eat, Pray, Love. We ended up leaving for dinner a little late and realized we wouldn't have time enjoy a nice dinner AND go see the movie.... Aaron was obviously totally bummed (jk), but our delicious dinner at Z'Tejas definitely made up for it. After we finished our dinner we decided to roam around South Coast Plaza (humongous mall with craaaazy expensive stores that Z'Tejas is attached to) in hopes of burning off a few calories before heading off to get some dessert. :)

It was a beautiful summer night and as we were walking over the bridge to get to the other side (yeah, it's that big) I couldn't resist taking some pictures under these beautiful lights! Can you blame me??
We walked around for a while talking and holding hands--you know, being "lubby dubby" as Aaron would say, but then figured it was time to get out of there once we started thinking we needed things like Louis Vuitton purses (Whitney), Rolex watches (Aaron), and Montblanc fountain pens (both of us!).

So we headed home, grabbed some yogurt on our way, and ended our night with some Netflix Watch Instantly. We're still on our "trial" month but now we're hooked and convinced there's no better way to spend $9/month. :)