Thursday, September 9, 2010

angels game

Thanks to some friends, Aaron and I got tickets to an Angels game last night! I hadn't been to a Major League Baseball game for years and I was VERY excited. Then when I actually looked at the tickets and saw that the Angels were playing the Cleveland INDIANS--I was seriously over the moon! [I grew up in northeast Ohio and although I would never call myself an "Indians fan," it's still fun to support my roots, ya know?]

Anyways, the game started at 4PM but because of work we didn't get there until around 5:30PM. They were already in the 7th inning and I was kinda bummed we got there so late, except that the Indians tied it in the 9th inning and the game ended up going all the way to 16 innings! We left around the 12th I think, mostly because Aaron was hungry. I would've stayed there though--baseball stadiums are kind of magical, I think. I mean look at these pictures!...
The weather was beautiful (mostly cloudy with a cool breeze) and aside from the [annoying] kids around us, it was the perfect summer night. I was surrounded by Angels fans but I admit I was kind of cheering for the Indians. We were THIS close [I only zoomed a tiny bit]-->
When the Indians would do something good I would completely forget I was surrounded by Angels fans, and give some clapping and cheering to to the Indians. I only got a few mean looks--all of which came from AARON. But he put on a pretty face to take a pic with me during the game.....
And we took one more pic on our way out of the stadium--I seriously did not want to leave!
We got dinner at Wahoo's [our 3rd time in the past 5 days...yikes], and all night I just kept asking myself, who knew a Wednesday night could be so fun?! Supposedly the Angels aren't very good this year, but apparently the Cleveland Indians are worse because the Angels ended up winning. Now I'm just dying to go to another game, and maybe I'll support the Angels this time instead of the Indians. :) Go Angels!