Monday, October 4, 2010

conference weekend

This past weekend was awesome! General Conference is always a special treat and this weekend was no different. On Sunday afternoon Aaron and I thought we'd get out of the house and venture down to Newport Beach to take a stroll around the temple and enjoy the beautiful day. Unfortunately the temple gates were closed (we probably should've figured they would be closed on a Sunday but still--total bummer!) but we stuck around and watched the last session at the nearby stake center. Oh yeah, and I had Aaron pose for a pic....making memories, people! Here is Aaron being oh-so-cooperative-->
Maybe it's just me, but I swear it's a requirement that you bake something yummy over conference weekend. So last night I knew my time was running short and was not about to let the tradition die, so I made some coffee cake. I realized halfway through that I was fresh out of white flour, so I basically had to use all wheat flour--which I made up for by using some extra sugar. :) Anyways, the coffee cake was delicious and our conference weekend was complete.....and on a rainy/cooler day like today, turns out coffee cake [with a big glass of milk] is the best. lunch. ever.

P.S. I got a hair cut today and instead of going short I thought I'd switch it up with some bangs. I'm having a little adjustment issues with having hair in my face all the time, but I'll get used to it, right??? This pic is for you, Jenna!......
happy monday!


  1. Love the hair cut, Whit! The bangs are way cute! I think you've inspired me to finally get my hair cut. It's been since January.

  2. ooh, very cute. and i'm still amazed at how you get good pictures with photo booth. i'm always at an awkward angle with it.

  3. Love the bangs! They totally add a whole new dimension to your hair!! Now I could see you going short with those sometime in the future.

  4. I think the bangs look great! Mine go into bobby pins or get a TON of hairspray to keep out of my eyes! What a perfect day for conference & a glimpse of the teple! Love the weather there!

  5. Hey Whit - I am with you about baking over conference weekend. I kind of treat it like a spiritual superbowl (minus the party). I love the combination of conference and food and actually have a recipe for Sunday AM session that we only have 2x's a year - LOVE IT!!! Maybe sometime we will actually be together for conference and we can FEAST!!! We miss you guys!!!