Monday, October 4, 2010

conference weekend

This past weekend was awesome! General Conference is always a special treat and this weekend was no different. On Sunday afternoon Aaron and I thought we'd get out of the house and venture down to Newport Beach to take a stroll around the temple and enjoy the beautiful day. Unfortunately the temple gates were closed (we probably should've figured they would be closed on a Sunday but still--total bummer!) but we stuck around and watched the last session at the nearby stake center. Oh yeah, and I had Aaron pose for a pic....making memories, people! Here is Aaron being oh-so-cooperative-->
Maybe it's just me, but I swear it's a requirement that you bake something yummy over conference weekend. So last night I knew my time was running short and was not about to let the tradition die, so I made some coffee cake. I realized halfway through that I was fresh out of white flour, so I basically had to use all wheat flour--which I made up for by using some extra sugar. :) Anyways, the coffee cake was delicious and our conference weekend was complete.....and on a rainy/cooler day like today, turns out coffee cake [with a big glass of milk] is the best. lunch. ever.

P.S. I got a hair cut today and instead of going short I thought I'd switch it up with some bangs. I'm having a little adjustment issues with having hair in my face all the time, but I'll get used to it, right??? This pic is for you, Jenna!......
happy monday!