Monday, October 11, 2010

long walks on the beach

Aaron and I woke up Saturday morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7AM. Rumor had it that the beaches were supposed to be clear blue skies all day, so we decided to head down to Newport Beach for a morning walk in the sunshine before it got too hot. Upon arrival we realized we weren't the only ones that had this idea, but we ended up walking in the less-traveled direction and only saw maybe 10 people [so awesome]. Our walk included the obvious tide-chasing games, giggling, running, and splashing around [being totally serious right now] and it kind of felt like heaven. We eventually ended up at a place called "The Wedge." It was my first time there [can't believe Aaron hasn't shown me this before!] and the harbor and cliff-side homes/apartments were beautiful. This W is for "Wedge" but with a name like mine [Whitney!] I just couldn't help myself....
Fast-forward to Sunday night.....Aaron and I kind of have a new tradition these days of going on Sunday evening walks. Last night was the perfect night for a walk and we headed out for our stroll around Old Town Tustin [adorable part of Tustin and definitely our favorite place to walk and talk]. Picture of Aaron with some pretty awesome trees in the background.
We did lots of other fun stuff this weekend but I think our walks [and our jump into the freezing pool Saturday night!] were my favorite. Can't wait until next weekend! :)