Friday, November 5, 2010

i left my heart

in San Francisco!!!!!

Last week I went to San Fran to visit my best friend/college roommate Krystle Cherie Lowen. It was my first time there and I just have to say--I'm in LOVE! I was completely charmed by the city and every single day since I've been back I've been telling Aaron we need to plan a trip to go back. Loooooooved it!

Krystle showed me all around the city--acting all touristy with me and stuff. It was super awesome (Krystle you know you loved it!) and here are some pics I took of all the sights....

Wednesday night we went to the top of Twin Peaks and saw the view of the entire city! The pics I took don't do it justice but trust me, it was beautiful and a perfectly clear night. Krystle kept trying to tell me that San Fran gets foggy but I don't believe her!
This is the most touristy picture of them all (notice the sneakers) but I seriously had no shame. This is at Union Square...
Thursday we went to Fisherman's Wharf....
We also spent some time with the seals at Pier 39. They were kind of gross but also pretty cute. Krystle said these pictures should go on my blog header because of the intense amount of cuddling we were witnessing. She has the right idea but I think I'd rather not be too closely associated with a seal. Still loving this though.... :)
We walked through Ghirardelli Square but ended up at Kara's Cupcakes for dessert instead. I told Aaron that and he flipped out on me a little bit. Maybe this is secretly just another incentive for him to take me up to San Fran again!
On Friday we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge!!!! We stopped on the other side of the bridge to take in the view and get some good pics. This was the best one I got with my point & shoot.....
And of course Krystle whipped out her dSLR from her super cute new camera bag. Soooooo legit! Was really wishing I had one of those in this moment....
After the Golden Gate Bridge we figured we were on a roll and decided to do a double-header with the bridges. So we drove across the city and went over the Bay Bridge to get a look at the Oakland Temple. Very beautiful and really glad I got to see it.
Saturday morning we went to the Farmer's Market and even though it was a little rainy I felt like it was still perfect somehow. I should've gotten some pics--it was right by the Bay Bridge and it was just cute. Anyways, later that day we drove by the "Painted Ladies"....AKA pictures from hit TV series FULL HOUSE!!!!!!! I thought this was a cool pic with the fog and everything....
Aside from all the places we went, we also ate some pretty stinking delicious food [not pictured] and I'm kind of serious when I say I left my heart in San Francisco--I can't stop thinking about it!

P.S. And while I was in San Francisco, Aaron was traveling for work in an area near to where his mom is serving her mission! It was a special treat for both of them and here is a darling picture of Aaron with his mum.


  1. San Fran is a great city! And I have a special place in my heart for it because that's where I was born, and my mom grew up there--I was raised to love it:) You'll definitely have to get Aaron to take you back!

  2. First of all, I love your hair with the bangs in that one picture. Secondly, I actually found super cheap plane tickets to San Fran so I'm thinking maybe a sister's trip in the spring?!?! What'd ya think?

  3. Did you drive down that crazy curvy brick street? Or ride the cable cars? I was there in September and I'm so not a fan of big cities but somehow San Fran charmed me too. We went to Alcatraz that was pretty sweet. And your friend is right, it gets crazy foggy, you should see my pics, it's like two different cities.
    Your next trip should be Yosemite!

  4. WHIT! Please come back! You and Aaron should just move here, lets be honest. Jk. But seriously.

    I love how you say you don't believe me about the fog, and then later you have a pic of the Painted Ladies with the "fog" in the back. Although, I think that may have been just rain clouds...but same thing. We did have some fog yesterday though!

    And, yes I LOVED being touristy. Especially with my new camera bag. In fact, I think I might just be a little touristy tonight...

  5. wish it could have been on sep 4th!!! i'm so jealous and i miss you both.

  6. I love San Francisco! It was so fun/funny to run into you on Haight Street! And your friend is does get a little foggy sometimes. But it's not as bad as I had imagined it to be!