Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the never-ending WEEKEND

We think the daylight savings time change may have had something to do with it, but this weekend (mostly just Sunday) seemed to last forever! When it got dark on Sunday around 5pm we were practically about to get ready for bed, but then we realized the night was still VERY young and we seriously rejoiced.

Rewind to Friday night..... [This has nothing to do with the theme for this post, but I took pictures so I thought I'd throw it in here anyways.] On Friday we went out with some friends and eventually ended up at a pet store. We were perusing the little puppies they had there, and besides the fact that it's kind of depressing/inhumane that animals are actually kept inside cages in a pet store, there was one little dog that caught my eye. I named her "Lady" the second I met her and she seemed really sweet and calm....until they let her out of her cage. I seriously thought she would eat me, and she ended up not being very "Lady-like" at all. I don't blame her though, if I were her I'd go crazy too! Anyways, moral of the story--Lady is a super cute name for a girl dog and apparently my husband is a Dog Whisperer [see pic below]!
Fast-forward to Sunday.... after our rejoicing we decided to hit the streets and take a nice little walk. We got out just in time to catch this beautiful sunset [which was much prettier in real life].....
Also, I saw this row of trees and just thought it looked kind of cool....
And we stopped for a breather in Old Town Tustin--looooove this intersection!
Eventually Sunday ended, but the fun didn't stop!....Over the weekend on our usual stop at Yogurtland for dessert, we saw a sign that said if you spend $10 on Monday or Tuesday you get a free T-shirt. (!!!!!!!) We obviously don't care much for the T-shirt, but since we think we're Tustin Yogurtland's most loyal customers, we figured it was our duty to spend the $10 and get the free T-shirt! We've gotten up to $8 once or twice before when our sweet tooth's were raging, but never close to $10. In fact, we were a little nervous that we wouldn't make it to the $10 on our first try, but we performed like true champs and the register rang us up at $11.69. haha! And if you think we weren't able to eat all of our yogurt, then you obviously don't know us very well--cuz we were and we definitely did! :) Anyways, we really took advantage of this free T-shirt offer, and even though we go on Yogurtland runs at least 2 or 3 times a week (we're trying to cut back but it's been really difficult!), this one was special enough to take pictures, obviously!
After we got home from Yogurtland last night we snuggled up and watched episodes of 30Rock (our all-time favorite thing to do)! We even still had our mattress out in our living room--left over from our sleep over on Saturday night [seriously, the never-ending weekend!]. I suggested we put the mattress back last night but Aaron wanted to keep it out "one more night," and I didn't have the heart to say no! I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happens tonight. We're either in denial that the weekend is over or just lazy--you can be the judge. :)