Thursday, November 18, 2010

tustin to tucson

Next week Aaron and I will be spending Thanksgiving with my brother's family in Tucson, Arizona. I've never been to Tucson and I am VERY excited! We'll also get to see their 2 adorable little boys--including little Kenny who is just a few months old. It should be really fun but I'm only worried about one little thing......

Aaron will be flying in Wednesday night because of work, which means I have to drive there--by myself!!!

I feel like I will finally be able to call myself a real grown-up after I make the 8-ish hour drive all alone, and I'm actually secretly really looking forward it. Aaron thinks this is silly but my biggest fear is that I honestly think I might fall asleep behind the wheel! I'm thinking book-on-tape or an epic long playlist for my ipod. Any solo road-trip suggestions would be really helpful! :)


  1. ah!!! good luck. that's a do-able amount of don't worry too much! (i guess i've only driven 5.5 hours by myself, but still...) arm yourself with a book on tape, some up beat cd mixes in case you get sleepy, and if you do get sleepy, just blast the AC!

  2. Good luck on the drive! Please come and visit while you're here. We can do pie!

  3. Carrots I heard once. Talking on the phone (if it's legal...of course...). And ANYTIME you start to feel tired, find somewhere to pull off (side of the road, parking lot, etc.) and take a nap! Don't ever think you can fight the sleepiness and power through the drive. As you are aware, that is not a smart idea.