Monday, December 13, 2010

christmas lists

Christmas is sneaking up really quick and I'm starting to feel the Christmas-shopping pressure! I told Aaron last week that he had until Saturday to turn in his Christmas list, but ended up agreeing to extend his deadline until Sunday. He warned me that his list would be extensive and that I could pick and choose. Thank goodness because his all-inclusive list had everything from "New Pants" to a "1999 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100" (that's a motorcycle!). Oh yeah, and let's not forget the #1 on his list--MacBook Air (??????). Anyways, Christmas shopping for Aaron should be fun and hilarious--can't wait!

I was exempt from having to turn in my list since I've been telling Aaron for the last 2 weeks what I want for Christmas! I've honestly racked my brain thinking of what else to ask for but I really only want 2 things--nothing more, nothing less. (Aaron, I'm making this really easy for you!)

[It's probably about time I get a pair of these!]
And I've read good reviews about this stuff (Clinique Mineral Powder).
Anyone ever used this or have other recommendations for good face makeup??
**Update: change of plans....asking for some of this instead :)

Also, head on over to my friend Diana's adorable blog to read about my favorite Christmas tradition! And while you're there take a look at her Design blog too--soooo talented!