Monday, December 6, 2010

my husband the lumberjack

This year I was determined to get a "real" Christmas tree. My family always got fake ones, so I just wanted to have the real-Christmas-tree experience, you know? Good thing I had no idea what I was getting myself into, or otherwise I may have chickened out. Also good thing that Aaron is a manly man and was secretly having the time of his LIFE. Aaron's never looked so darn cute, and I've never felt so helpless! I basically was his little assistant, but really came through with the tree-trimming. Here are some pictures.....

First step was to pick out the tree [please ignore the palm trees in the background!...and the overexposure :)]
We didn't want to wait in line to get it cut, so Aaron said he could do it himself at home. The line was long enough that I trusted him--as long as he wore his work gloves (definitely no complaints there).
We had no idea how WIDE the tree was going to be, or maybe just forgot how SMALL our living room actually is. We had to do some changing/rearranging in our living room but with lots of Christmas music playing, our new "Christmas Time" candle burning, and 5 hours later......we finally basked in the Christmas beauty that IS our apartment! No ornaments but I'm still obsessed with our beautiful tree! :)