Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I am happy to report that I made it to Tucson, AZ safe and sound all by myself! It was just me and the civi for a good 8 hours, and apparently all I needed to keep myself entertained was my ipod and my camera. :)

I totally forgot I would be passing through the Palm Springs Wind Farm, but when I saw my first windmill I couldn't resist pulling out the cam. This picture was taken through the passenger window while driving....maybe not the safest thing to do but at least I got a cool pic!
Not like anyone should need an excuse to take a picture of themselves, but I figured I was allowed to since this was kind of a milestone/huge accomplishment (right???). :)
An Arizona sunset....
The long drive was so I could see this cute little family!!! (Taken at the Desert Museum on Friday.)
Meet PAYSON--the little boy in the orange shirt in the picture above. The next few pictures are dedicated to him, because he is just THAT cute!....

Aaron giving Payson tickle torture (sorry so blurry!)
Payson and Kenny being cute as ever in their church outfits....
And these are just because he is so cute and surprisingly very cooperative in front of a camera! :) I've seriously been missing him like crazy these past couple days!!!
We got to spend Thanksgiving with my cousin's family who also live in Tucson! Molly is apparently Superwoman because she somehow manages to take care of 2-year old twin girls, a 1-year old little boy, be pregnant with their 4th child, AND cook a delicious Thanksgiving dinner!!!!! Other activities included--running a 5K with Erica while the boys played football, going to the coolest. thrift store. EVER., watching the BYU vs. Utah game (total bummer), and eating tons of good food! :) On our way home we even got to stop in Gilbert to visit Aaron's brother and his family, which was a short and sweet visit but we're looking forward to Christmas at their house this year!

Now I'm home and still in disbelief that it is DECEMBER. Either way, I'm catching the Christmas-bug QUICK and I'm loving it.
Happy December!