Monday, January 24, 2011


we tried a new BBQ restaurant this weekend! the food was pretty good, and for some reason i'm kind of dying to go back. i think it was the cute southern/texan ambiance, or maybe it was the carrier full of BBQ SAUCES! either way, i'd eat bbq over mexican food any day so i was totally loving this.....
oh yeah, and i promise this is my last food-related blog post for a little while......
at least until next weekend when we go out again. :)


  1. IF you're looking for another good BBQ place in SoCal you've got to try Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ. It's seriously amazing, and I'm not even a BBQ person. :)

  2. laura, we loooooove lucille's! their biscuits are soooooo delicious.

    and yes brittany it was totally famous dave's! haha i just realized i never said the name :)

  3. i was gonna ask if it was lucille's but i'm glad you actually like that place. i love it. and drinking out of mason jars is totally awesome.